Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) for multi-cloud: Use Cases & Solutions

In this blog, I will cover a quick introduction of TMC and a couple of use cases and real challenges which can be solved using this :

What is Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)?

Operate and secure your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern apps across teams and multi clouds (on-prem, private, public, hybrid Kubernetes clusters.


VMware Tanzu Mission Control provides a single control glass of plane to easily provision and manage Kubernetes clusters and operate modern, containerized applications across multiple clouds and clusters. It works as a management cluster or Kubernetes control plane which provision and manage multi-clusters worker/data nodes including deploying and upgrading clusters, setting RBAC, security and other policies and configurations, monitor the health of clusters (VMs and K8s ) and provide the root cause of underlying production issues.

TMC Use Cases

  • Multi-cloud management of on-prem, public, hybrid cloud
  • Centralized Control Plane for provisioning K8s cluster for public cloud and on-prem
  • Centrally operates and manages all your Kubernetes clusters and applications at scale
  • App and service management
  • Enables developers with self-service access to Kubernetes for running and deploying applications
  • Manage security and configuration easily and efficiently through powerful policy engine like RBAC and inspection


Demo Video

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Rajiv Srivastava

Principal Architect with Wells Fargo

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