Kubernetes Orchestration using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) : Use Cases & Solutions

In this blog, I will cover a quick introduction of TKG and a couple of use cases and real challenges which can be solved using this :

What is Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)?

Streamline operations across multi-cloud infrastructure.

  • TKG is an enterprise Kubernetes Orchestration library to manage container and other Kubernetes cluster objects and lifecycle of K8s cluser of clusters .
  • TKG uses latest Kubernetes upstream Cluster API which manages multiple K8s clusters lifecycle.
  • It can spawn to multi nodes/VMs.
  • Running K8s containers at scale in production – especially for mission critical workloads in day 2 operation- gets very complex.  Hard to manage a Kubernetes runtime consistently and securely, especially if you are running in multiple DCs / AZs on cloud.
  • TKG provides enterprises with a consistent, upstream aligned, automated multi-cluster operations across SDDC, Public Cloud, and Edge environments that is ready for end-user workloads and ecosystem integrations.
  • TKG does for Kubernetes what Kubernetes does for your containers.
  • It provides integrations with public cloud like AWS and also open sources support:
    • Harbor – Image Registry
    • Concourse – CI/CD pipeline tool
    • Velero – K8s backup
    • Contour – K8s Ingress Controller
    • KubeAdm – Manage cluster lifecycle
    • dex – idP Authentication/ UAA
    • Sonobuoy – diagnostic tool
    • WaveFront (TO)
    • APMs- Prometheus with Grafana, Wavefront and other APM tools,ELK, FluentBit
    • Calico CNI with NSX-T for VM

TKG use cases

  • Kubernetes Orchestration for multi-cloud and multi-clusters and manage life cycle of multiple clusters
  • Platform Automation of managing cluster of K8s clusters
  • High Availability, Auto-scalability
  • Consistent Kubernetes across environments
  • Kubernetes open source alone is not enough
  • Day2 Operations Patching, Upgrade etc.
  • Overhead of access, networking, security policies applied cluster-by-cluster
  • Public cloud vendor lock-in
  • Manual configuration and management, siloed by environment on-prem and public cloud
  • On-prem management is critical


Ref Doc- https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Tanzu-Kubernetes-Grid/index.html

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