Understanding Technical Debt for Software Teams

Overview of Technical Debt “Technical debt is a metaphor commonly used by software professionals in reference to short-term compromises made during the design, development, testing and deployment processes”. In order to stay competitive, many organizations opt for software development methodologies like Agile, to accelerate the overall development processes. Cramped up release schedules often force teams … Continue reading Understanding Technical Debt for Software Teams

Distributed Caching with Redis

When there is a need to improve the performance of web applications/microservices every millisecond counts. API gateway provides a powerful feature of distributed caching where API responses can be cached and be available for all distributed microservices. It may span multiple servers on separate  Kubernetes containers. In caching, objects/data are stored in high-speed static RAM  … Continue reading Distributed Caching with Redis

Notification System Design

Objective: Design enterprise level system architecture to support email, SMS, Chat and other public social app integrations using API: Email SMS/OTP Push notifications (Mobile and Web browser) Chat – Whatsapp/Telegram It’s a generic feature of all kind of web and mobile applications, which is required for all modern distributed applications regardless of using any programming … Continue reading Notification System Design

API Introduction and Best practices!

Disclaimer: It has been taken from my book – “Cloud Native Microservices using Spring and Kubernetes“. Application Programming Interface (API) allows two apps/resources to talk to each other and is mostly referred for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) API is gaining more popularity when microservices development is booming for modern cloud-native applications or app modernization. We … Continue reading API Introduction and Best practices!

My first book release!! Cloud Native Microservices with Spring and Kubernetes (453 pages)

I am happy to announce release of my first book “Cloud Native Microservices with Spring and Kubernetes” with BPB Publications!! It’s all about design, build and deploy scalable cloud native microservices on container using the Spring framework and Kubernetes. Need your support! Please buy and review this book on Amazon. Also, share book detail with your IT … Continue reading My first book release!! Cloud Native Microservices with Spring and Kubernetes (453 pages)