Spring Cloud API Gateway and SpringBoot: Use Cases & Solutions

In this blog, I will cover SpringBoot popularity for Microservices, use cases of SpringBoot Cloud Gateway, a couple of API use cases and real challenges of Microservices which can be solved using API Gateway.

SpringBoot first citizen for Microservices! Why?

Spring is the most popular Java framework on the market, around 60% enterprise applications run on Java, has good integration with almost all popular development libraries.Java EE is bulky and not suitable for Microservices. Different vendors are trying to run Java EE middleware in containers, but it is an anti pattern and difficult to maintain. Spring Boot Introduced in 2014 as part of Spring Framework is Micro-services ready and is the most popular  enterprise Java micro-services framework.

I am going to cover some of the SpringBoot and and SpringBoot Cloud Gateway use cases and what kind of real challenges it can solve:

SpringBoot Cloud Gateway use cases

  • API Service discovery and routing
  • A&A Security
  • API Rate limiting for clients
  • Impose common policies
  • API Caching
  • Control API traffic
  • Circuit breaker and monitoring
  • Path filtering
  • API performance for redundant data request
  • High cost and heavy H/W
  • Throttling of APIs
  • Loose security

SpringBoot Use Cases

  • Increase developer productivity
  • Manual, auto scheduled jobs/batches
  • Security for Authorization & Authentication (A&A)
  • REST API development
  • Develop cloud native applications
  • Microservices deployment on Kubernetes containers
  • API health monitoring, capture and analyse telemetry data
  • Prometheus, Grafana integration support for API performance, usage, SLA
  • SQL Data JPA and Hibernate ORM for MySQL,PostGresSQL and Oracle JDBC
  • Spring Templates for integration with Redis, RabbitMQ etc.
  • API and second level Caching
  • Spring Boot Kubernetes support
  • Application logging by using messaging queue and log forwarder
  • Faster REST API development
  • Good integration with almost all popular libraries

Spring RunTime Enterprise Support- OpenJDK, Spring, Tomcat

VMware provides enterprises support requirements for Java, OpenJDK, and Tomcat Server and Oracle is now charging for JDK fixes. Spring Runtime provides support and signed binaries for OpenJDK, Tomcat, and Spring. Also it includes, VMware’s TC Server, a hardened, curated, and enterprise ready Tomcat installation.

It supports all these Spring 40+ APIs binaries:

Among the application frameworks, there is a clear winner, and it’s called Spring! Both Spring Boot (No. 1) and Spring Framework (No. 2) are well ahead of the competition – especially ahead of Jakarta EE.

Source: https://jaxenter.com/java-trends-top-10-frameworks-2020-168867.html

April 2020 Status of Spring downloads and Developrs

Evolution of Java Open Sources

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