Monitor your apps and infrastructure with WaveFront (beyond APM): Use Cases and Solutions

In this blog, I will cover a quick introduction of WaveFront/Tanzu Observability (TO) and a couple of use cases and real challenges which can be solved using this:

What is WaveFront Tanzu Observability (TO)?

Monitor full-stack applications to cloud infrastructures with metrics, traces, span logs, and analytics. It provides extra features beyond any other APM tool

WaveFront is an APM tool and provides additional features beyond APM for monitoring your modern cloud native microservice applications, infrastructure, VMs, K8s clusters, and alerting in real-time, across multi-cloud, Kubernetes clusters, and on-prem at any scale. Traditional  tools and environments make it challenging and time consuming to correlate data and get visibility thru a single plane of the glass or dashboard needed to resolve incidents in seconds in critical production environment. It’s a unified solution with analytics (including AI) that ingests visualizes, and  analyses metrics, traces, histograms and span logs.  So you can resolve incidents  faster across cloud applications.


  • It can work with existing monitoring solutions open-sources like Prometheus, Grafana, Graphite
  • It has integration almost all popular monitoring solutions on VM and containers, SpringBoot, Kubernetes, messaging platforms, RabbiMQ, Databases etc.
  • It monitors containers and VMs stats
  • It captures all microservices APIs traces, usage and performance with topology view by it’s powerful service discovery features
  •  It maintains versions of charts and dashboards
  • Currently it stores and archive old monitoring data for analytics purposes

High Level Technical Architecture

WaveFront use cases:

  • Multicloud visibility (mostly data center, moving to public cloud)
  • Application monitoring (+ tooling for Dev and Ops visibility)
  • Service performance and reliability optimization (assess-verify)
  • Observability and diagnostics of multi-cloud and on-prem K8s clusters
  • Business service performance & KPIs
  • App metrics: from New Relic, Prometheus and Splunk
  • Multicloud metrics: from vSphere, AWS, Kubernetes
  • All data center metrics: from compute, network, storage
  • Reliability and high availability operations
  • App and Infrastructure monitoring , analytics dashboards
  • Auto alerting mechanism for any production bug or high usage of infrastructure (CPU, RAM, Storage)
  • Instrument and monitor your Spring Boot application in Kubernetes
  • Other Tanzu products monitoring
  • System-wide monitoring and incident response – cut MTTR
  • Shared visibility across biz, app, cloud/infra, device metrics
  • IoT optimization with automated analytics on device metrics
  • Microservices monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Accelerated anomaly detection
  • Visibility across Kubernetes at all levels
  • Solving cardinality limitations of graphite
  • Easy adoption across hundreds of developers
  • System-wide monitoring and incident response – cut MTTR
  • Shared visibility across biz, app, cloud/infra, device metrics
  • IoT optimization with automated analytics on device metrics
  • AWS infrastructure visibility (cost and performance)
  • Kubernetes monitoring
  • Visualizing serverless workloads
  • Solving Day 2 Operations for production issues and DevOps/DevSecOps
  • Finding hidden problems early and increase SLA for service ticket resolution
  • Application and microservices API monitoring
  • Performance analytics
  • Monitoring CI/CD like Jenkins Environment with Wavefront

Live WaveFront Dashboard


Generic Demo Video -1

MicroServices Observability with WaveFront Demo Video -2

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