Bitnami Tanzu Application Catalogue (TAC) : Use Cases & Solutions

In this blog, I will cover a quick introduction of TAC and a couple of use cases and real challenges which can be solved using this :

What is Tanzu Bitnami Application Catalogue (TAC)?

Curate a catalog of production-ready open-source software from the Bitnami collection.

Bitnami Application Catalogue (TAC) is a secure, curated Kubernetes docker images for the popular APIs and libraries to build, run, manage and secure cloud native docker images. It does CVE, virus scanning and always keep secure updated golden images in it’s central SAAS repo. It’s builds. docker images based on OS for CI/CD deployment on Kubernenes.

Why Bitnami Tanzu Application Catalogue (TAC)?

Working with pre-packaged software, that impose security vulnerability, risk and challenges. Developers are sourcing containers from public Docker Hub that are out of date, vulnerable, insecure by default, or broken. Auditing, hardening, integrating, and making software ready for production is time consuming, difficult, and low value add from an organizational standpoint. It’s also frustrating to dev teams as software selection will be limited and forced to opt open source options.

TAC use Cases

  • Keep images up to date with regular patching and updates
  • Manage golden images privately on preferred OS
  • Regular security scan for viruses and vulnerabilities
  • Manage/sync images on their on-prem private image repository using Harbor
  • Non-secure images
  • No enterprise support for regular updates and security patching
  • No virus and CVE scan and transparency of scan reports
  • Hard to manage preferred OS based images and configuration


  1. Available stacks –
  2. How to start and use –
  3. FAQ-

Demo Video

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